December 2004

Snap Year Apostrophes: 2004

You have some nerve. You couldn't be one of those years in the late 70s or mid 80s who all blend into each other. You couldn't be like the late 80s when status quo dictated solid pacing, good character development and adversity that is conquered through hard work and dedication. I didn't expect you to [...]


What she said. Look for me in the new year [except for one special post scheduled for dec. 24]. I wish all my readers a warm and bubbly break and I hope that 2005 knocks your socks off.

Free Bajaj

Been a bit slow here lately. 'Tis the holiday season after all. There are some exciting things happening lately in India though. This whole MMS [multi media service - trans. sending and storing video clips on your cell phone] mess, for example. Some Delhi school kid recorded a tryst with his girlfriend back in November [...]

Sunday Reading for The Writer

It is absolutely freezing outside but we went to get a xmas tree. What is with the tree? Really. This pagan wants to know. Maybe I should put in a request to the great Sharon Howard. In the NYT, Curtis Sittenfeld wonders aloud about the sexual magnetism of writers and their prose. Jhumpa Lahiri is [...]

On Telling Stories

I have not read any of the Series of Unfortunate Events books but there are certain members in the sepoy household that hold them very near and dear. I have been toiling away in hopes to buy winter solstice presents for those individuals and not having much luck. Graphic novels? Why can't Neil Gaiman be [...]

The Oracle of Mountain View

Via Cliopatria I learned of Google's partnership with libraries at Stanford, Harvard & c. to digitize their entire holdings. Copyrighted materials will only be available in selections and out-of-copyright texts (manuscripts!?) in their entirety. Here is the NYT piece and here is more information about Google Print (beta). Rob has a good post on similair [...]

Operation Next

Iraq is not over yet but with the Jan 30 election approaching, the administration can bolt with a straight face. But, where to go? I mean, we have half-a million soldiers waiting to kick some ass, general. Let us revisit Jan 29, 2002's SOTU address: Our second goal is to prevent regimes that sponsor terror [...]

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