November 2004

The Perfect Candidate II

So, there it goes. The job apps have been mailed. Yeah, did you notice the plural? Me too. Last we talked on this subject, I was only going to be applying at UofMyDreams. However, once my advisor came back from his summer sojourn, he suddenly had some newfound interest in my career and proceeded to [...]

2046 II

Last night we watched the Cannes version of 2046. DMan, as always, was the one who made the viewing possible. I have mentioned earlier how insanely psyched I am to see this movie. 2046 essentially takes place over the course of two and a half years in the late 60s. It does travel back in [...]

De Maat is Vol III

News today that Pakistan has banned the Nov. 22 issue of Newsweek. The cause is an article imaginatively titled, "Clash of Civilization" [btw, can we put a moratarium on the use of that phrase in weeklies and dailies for, like, a year?]. The article is standard enough coverage of Theo Van Gogh's murder and the [...]

T Day

I told my mother that I was going to Ohio for Thanksgiving and I hear an exasperated, yeh, kiya roz tum nai tehwaar banatay ho?. So, to convince me mum that I did not make up Thanksgiving and that it does exist even though no one outside of N. America cares: There is very little [...]

Closed for Repairs

One obvious effect of 9/11 has been the drop in foreign student enrollments in the US. Chronicle of Higher Education reported last week that from the '93-'94 academic year, the drop has been 2.4%. The drop is 6% in graduate students. India is one of the countries with a largest drop in graduate enrollment. I [...]

Innocents at Home

One thing I cannot appreciate is a historian (or journalist or whoever) who writes up a thesis than goes out in the wilderness looking for "evidence" - if it fits, it is in; if it doesn't, just toss it and hope no one notices. David Cannadine is a solid historian who wrote a book a [...]

The Russian Invasion

Aimee's book reading kicked off a most excellent weekend. She was great and I am looking forward to reading the short stories. Sunday, we went to see Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists play at a church in the north-western suburbs. This being the second weekend in a row that we were surrounded by hundreds [...]

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