October 2004

Sunday Reading for the Voter

Threw a kick-ass Halloween party last night and had a blast. Lots of friends and lovers and tons of pirate kids. Went this morning to a GOTV training session. Felt empowered until I was reminded of my non-voting status. Boo. I live in Chicago. I can vote, right Mayor Daley? So what if losing the [...]

Limp Politics

I love Kentucky. Mainly because I love Steve. And he represents Kentucky. It is a gorgeous state filled with some truly special people. The senate race in Kentucky is pretty tight. The incumbent Jim Bunning who was gonna win handsomely started acting a tad weird - calling his opponent, Dan Mongiardo, the son of Saddam [...]


Imagine, if you can, a Kerry presidency. Really think about it. Doesn't it feelbetter? Like a tall glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer day? That ticker which runs constantly along the bottom of your screen won't say "Threat Level: Elevated Threat Level: Elevated Threat Level: Elevated Threat Level: Elevated Threat Level: Elevated". Tom [...]

State Sanctioned Killings

Yesterday, the Lower House of the National Assembly in Pakistan "banned" karokari (honor killings). Specifically, the legal code will now treat such acts not as "crimes of passion" but as premeditated murders and upped the punishment for such a crime. I know that there are some serious reservations about the amended law, and it's all [...]

Mosh Through The Marsh

The video is amazing [also here or here or here]. The lyrics are harsh and powerful (strap him with an AK 47, let him go/ Fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way). This is what F 9/11 hoped it could be. Eminem's Mosh could very well be our anthem, our Times They [...]

Muslim Vote II

Will Safire is troubled. In today's column, he writes that the Arab Americans are ALL voting for Kerry. Which is ok, he says, it is their right. But, the bizarro world scenario is that the majority of Jewish Americans are also voting for Kerry! His overall point is that the Jewish Americans should vote en [...]

Crickets Chirping

Over at tsk, is an ad hominem attack on Cricket. And I am asked to defend it. Just as tsk has to defend white man's brutal colonialism that has led to the unfortunate situation where a poor sepoy has to defend the landed gentleman's leisurely pursuit of sipping tea and knocking around a leather ball [...]

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