September 2004

Dissertation Week: Textbooks and Novels

My final post is about my final chapter. I deal with textbooks and novels before and after Partition. It is not easy for a historian to deal with novels, especially one trying to figure out "social memory". Do the novels represent anything more than the solo novelist or market forces? I only hedge my bets [...]

Dissertation Week: Historical Muhammad b. Qasim

Nationalism needs heroes. It constructs for them elaborate mythologies. It nurtures, protects, and propagates those mythologies through all channels available to it. Examples can be stated from any given nation-state and let me highlight three that are directly relevant to my topic: the history and memory of Charlemagne in France, Shiva Ji in India, and [...]

Sunday Reading for Realists

A few things to remind you how precious that sunday sun really is. It is gorgeous outside, so don't read these. Go play frisbee (in my defense, I am sitting in the sun as I type thanks to Airport Extreme). The Guardian brushes off the cobwebs and reveals details about Prescott Bush and Nazis. The [...]

The General in His Labyrinth

The General spoke to the UN General Assembly two days ago; met with Our Fearless Leader before that, and with Sardar ji today. He weaved democracy, terrorism, hope, conviction, and CBMs (Confidence Building Measures not Continental Ballistic Missiles). There is some talk about the "disappointment" of The General remaining the general. But, honestly people, I [...]

Dissertation Week

While I have talked about matters tangential and peripheral to my dissertation on this blog, I have never actually talked about "it". The dissertation itself. Antara's comment reminded me that I have never actually incorporated my research into this blog. It is hard to say why. In one aspect, a dissertation becomes an extremely personal [...]

Impatiently Awaiting for Your Orders

Haven't had a nice spam in awhile...besides the one promising breast implants in under 2 days but this just came in...from shadowcrew - the victims of an odious spammer/hoaxer. Welcome to our web site!! You're invited to shop for large selection of bombs and different kinds of rockets such as surface-to-air, surface-to-surface and weaponry available [...]

Are You Feeling Better Now?

September 22 is a good birthday to have, I think. Frodo and Bilbo Baggins share it with me. Also Ronaldo. It is the last day of the summer. Last day of the Eleusinian rituals of rebirth. I hate my birthdays. Its not the getting old part, its the "taking stock of life" part. It is [...]

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