July 2004

Close Call

I was gonna stay away today - recuperating from last night's Kerrymania. Yet, the world rudely intervened. Yesterday, a suicide bomber attempted to assassinate PM-designate Shaukat Aziz. He was campaigning in Fath Jang in the Attock district for the August 18th election. 6 people were killed in the attack. Shaukat Aziz escaped unhurt. I hate [...]

Parasika Or How to Waste Time

For various reasons I have been reading Chattopadhyaya's Representing the Other? Sanskrit Sources and the Muslims. One of the strains that I am trying to trace are the terms occuring in epigraphical evidence for Muslim invaders. The earliest references to Muslims occur far too late in the 8th century to make me happy (c. 730s). [...]

Ed has left the building

My dear friends and neighbors have officially moved out and started the trek towards Woodsville, South Carolina where Lisa is gonna kick it old school as new faculty. On N.P.R. you hear, "This part of the program brought to you by the generous support of YadaYada". If the last 5 years of my life were [...]

Barack 2012 2008

When expectations are met, the roar can be deafening. And the roar around Barack Obama's speech is indeed deafening. All are believers now. You can watch the speech here (about 18 min). The speech itself spoke powerfully to all the things I consider to be unique and great about this country and it's people. His [...]

W is for Weltschmerz

The Democratic National Convention is on. I watched a bit of the Fox coverage (they had the missing Utah hiker), CNN (Wolf was hitting on Judy while Jeff looked askance) and MSNBC (Ron Reagan was trying to get girls to flash him. I think). The world would be a terrible place without C-SPAN, I must [...]

God’s Rule

There is a line uttered by a Texan candidate in the 2002 primary filmed in the PBS documentary Last Man Standing: Politics - Texas Style. Here is what the documentary showed him saying: Our God is not their God. First of all, the God of the Bible is a God of love and redemption, who [...]

Rundown in Colombo

On Sunday, India and Pakistan will meet in Colombo, Sri Lanka for their first round match in the Asia Cup. Pakistan is defending the title it won in 2000. India is defending the can of whup-ass it opened on Pakistan in 2004. Yes, Pakistan has the new coach but if their performance against Sri Lanka [...]

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