June 2004

Gaming in the Classroom

I am not a board game geek like some SVG PCV or one co-worker (I was gonna link to his very impressive 100+ board game collection but it appears that is no longer a possibility). I did play Monopoly when I was a kid. Still, I contend that board games are a great tool in [...]

Ahl-e Wafa

I discovered Faiz Ahmed Faiz when I was a senior in high school (FSc for those that know). My mother warned me specifically not to touch some authors as they were godless communists or had mature content. Faiz was one of them (Manto and Faraz the others). I bought Dast-e Saba (Wind's Palm) at a [...]

F Day

Empires aren't supposed to beat a hastily arranged retreat, Niall. What gives? Paul Bremer hands a blue folder to a confused older judge and a truly evil-looking Allawi and the Empire has left the building. The Bush administration's gamble here is pretty obvious. Paul Bremer boards the plane. Shi'a, Sunni, Kurds explode onto each other [...]

Divorce of Imran Khan

If I had one superhero, one legend, in my youth it was the amazing Imran Khan- Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team through late 80s. I remember that poster in Aamir's room of Imran's bowling action and how I tried oh-so-sadly to emulate that. Got my ass kicked. Imran Khan cemented his legend by leading Pakistan [...]

Jamali Juju Breaks

Poor Jamali. He was doomed ever since he started "speaking from the heart" and getting too chummy with the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA). For the last 2 months, numerous rumors of his resignation or firng circulated. The writing was indeed on the wall. Chosen as a rubber-stamp PM, he did his job admirably until his relationships [...]

Charlie Did It

"It was all Kiplingesque," said Charlie Wilson of his first encounter with the Afghani Mujahideen. Sadly, both the tragedy and the irony of that statement seemed to be lost on him. Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile is billed as a "riveting inside account of the last battle of the Cold War" by the publisher [...]

Canadian Craze

Blake informs me that Bryan Adams is HUGE in South India. Alanis Morisette is HUGE in Pakistan. Explain.

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