May 2004

Free Internet

An earlier post suggested that putting controls on internet in Pakistan is not the best idea. By a long shot. Here is a post from an amazing blogger who has to deal with that very fact in Saudi Arabia. Those clamouring for more governmental oversight of the internet in Pakistan will do good by heeding [...]

Kerry On, General

None of that pesky freedom and democracy rhetoric from the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He made it clear to the WaPo yesterday that "sometimes we are dealt a set of cards that don't allow us do everything we want to do at once". And the cards dealt to the DPN are such that he has to [...]

Roosting Chickens

Unidentified gumen shot and killed Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai today in Karachi. Riots have broken out all over town. They burned a KFC, a research library and countless shops. The general in charge of security is trying to protect the Shi'a neighborhoods. By most accounts, this looks like a payback for the Shi'a mosque bombing a [...]

Buffy the Academic Slayer

We discovered Buffy: The Vampire Slayer late - in the seventh season. And thanks only to sven. Now, I admit, I am hooked. I love the humor, mainly. But, there are others to whom Buffyverse is a vast, uncharted space for interstatial observations. There is Ken Kuykendall, a Mormon youth leader, who uses Buffy to [...]

Yaum ul Furqaan

I have been following this story for the past few days. Gen. Musharraf told GeoTV in an interview yesterday that "junior PAF and Army officers" were behind the assassination attempts in December. He further intimidated that the mastermind of the plot was a Pakistani al-Qaeda member who was still at-large. There is little doubt that [...]

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