April 2004

Magnum Magnus Partei Heute Nacht

Heads up for those in Chicago: The up-and-coming soon-to-be-big-in-Europe (hey, it worked for BackStreet Boys) Chicago band magnus will be having their record release party tonight. I intend to go and anyone wanting to join in on the fun would be highly welcome. Their sound is a combination of liverpool, chicago and norman, oklahoma. they [...]

Legacy of Colonialism Includes Beer

Gerry wrote on my dry erase board: "The legacy of colonialism includes beer," and left a huge bottle of Tiger Beer from Singapore. The statement has been staring me in the face and, today, I remembered that old can of Murree Beer that I had found in the Karachi house kitchen. No, not for drinking, [...]

Platitudes from the Olive Tree

I thought that mcsweeney's.net had jumped the shark but, i dare say, this is brilliant: Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Column . Speaking with a local farmer on the last day of my recent visit, I asked him if there was any message that he wanted me to carry back home with me. He pondered [...]

The NeoCon Con

Douglas Feith recently spoke here on campus. Chicago, home of Leo Strauss and Albert Wohlstetter, is an important place for Doug Feith to come and defend the assault on Iraq strategy of the administration - and by extension the neocon world view. Today's NYT (r.r) has an indepth on the three-member crack team (and yes, [...]

Identify Yourself

Britain is rolling out the I.D. cards in London. This is a voluntary trial but by 2012 it will be compulsary. Funnily enough, Muslim women will be exempt from this trial presumably because it fringes on their religious practice to veil. Mind you, Britain is a police state already. There are cameras every 10 feet [...]


From Wired, comes an article on the adoption of computers in Madrasas in Lahore. A couple of weeks ago, Boston Globe ran an article that also tackled the modernization of syllabus in Deobandi madrasas in India. Both of these articles point towards external and internal reform pressures on the madrasa system. The impression is that [...]

Summer movies

Saw The Company friday night. It was ok. I was hoping for more back-stabbing, anorexia and mis-shappen toes. The music was good and there were some funny moments. Over all, it was good p.r. for the joffret ballet. And for a movie set in Chitown, it showed us scant of this beautiful city. While in [...]

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