About the Authors


Manan Ahmed holds a ph.d. in the history of Islam in South Asia from the University of Chicago and blogs under the sobriquet sepoy. You can purchase a paper-based version of his essays and posts published in 2011: Where the Wild Frontiers Are: Pakistan and the American Imagination.


Daisy Rockwell paints and writes under the takhallus, or alias, Lapata (pronounced ‘láh-putt-áh’), which is Urdu for “missing,” or “absconded,” as in “my luggage is missing,” or “the bandits have absconded.” Lapata grew up in a family of artists in western Massachusetts, some whose work adorns the surfaces of chinaware and brightens up the waiting rooms of dentists’ offices, and others whose artistic output has found more select audiences. From 1992-2006, Lapata made a detour into Academia, from which she emerged with a PhD in South Asian literature and a mild case of depression.


Salman Hussain is the official Archivist of CM. He is responsible for whatever order is here. He spent most of his life in a village – in rural Punjab and rural Wisconsin and – is now in an Urban studies doctoral program in Wisconsin.

Sepoy has also invited and received guest posts from Farangi, Sanyasi, Aflatoon, Dacoit, Bulleyah, Saurav, Rob, Sumana, Purdah, and others. Good people, them.