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Manan Ahmed holds a ph.d. in the history of Islam in South Asia from the University of Chicago and blogs under the sobriquet sepoy. He has always had the tendency to poke authority in the eye and run like hell. While not the bravest of tactics, this has ensured his absence from Gitmo. His posts are often smug and superior in tone but you should forgive him. He is just an academic, after all. He has appeared in NY Times (though he critiques it mercilessly), Chicago Public Radio, NPR, LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago news channels, and many on-line news and media publication – often acting as an ‘expert’ on Pakistan. None of the views expressed on this blog can be ascribed to his employer, his university, his landlord, the teenage mutant ninja turtles or leo strauss. You can purchase a paper-based version of his essays and posts published in 2011: Where the Wild Frontiers Are: Pakistan and the American Imagination.


Daisy Rockwell paints and writes under the takhallus, or alias, Lapata (pronounced ‘láh-putt-áh’), which is Urdu for “missing,” or “absconded,” as in “my luggage is missing,” or “the bandits have absconded.” Lapata grew up in a family of artists in western Massachusetts, some whose work adorns the surfaces of chinaware and brightens up the waiting rooms of dentists’ offices, and others whose artistic output has found more select audiences. From 1992-2006, Lapata made a detour into Academia, from which she emerged with a PhD in South Asian literature and a mild case of depression.


Salman Hussain is the official Archivist of CM. He is responsible for whatever order is here. He spent most of his life in a village – in rural Punjab and rural Wisconsin and – is now in an Urban studies doctoral program in Wisconsin.


Rohit Chopra writes under the pseudonym “sanyasi”, has taken to the hills of California from which he offers his gayan to us on matters of state and politics. He is best known for disappearing from the internet, and twitter, and then buying his friends drinks to have them write about his disappearance. No one is really sure why he does this, and he is also perplexed. He teaches media and mass communication at Santa Clara University and earned his PhD from Emory University.

about farangi

Farangi, N. 1. Foreigner. 2. One out of place. 3. Slang (Ar., al., Pers.) Person of European descent, esp. a Frenchman. 4. Fictional race of diminutive humanoid Star Trek characters, known for enlarged ears and foreheads. Generally viewed as a race of crooks and robber barons. 5. Dale Marlowe: Overwhelmingly handsome and erudite writer, teacher and lawyer from Dayton, Ohio whose psychological difficulties balancing a redneck past and white-shoe present makes for interesting cocktail party chat and occasional misdemeanors.

Sepoy has also invited and received guest posts from Dacoit, Bulleyah, Saurav, Rob, Sumana, Purdah and others. Good people, them.

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  1. Verrry interesting reading. But do you also take mediocre writings and thoughts from possible donors such as the likes of retired Army officers like me?. No PhD etc though I dare say at my age I have managed a sliver of a degree in Life. Experience and all that you see. I pass by the handle “@simba49″ on Twitter and Magnus 49 on Blogger. Lots of everyday random thoughts if you like. Cheers

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